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	SetTranslate -- replace a translator object's translation list. (V36)

		     A0         A1

	VOID SetTranslate(CxObj *,struct InputEvent *);

	This function replaces the translation list of a commodity
	translator object with the linked list starting at 'events'.

	A NULL value for 'events' indicates that the object 'translator'
	should swallow all commodity messages that are sent its way.

	Note that the input events are not copied into commodities' private
	memory, but the value of 'events' is used -- asynchronously to the
	application program -- to find a chain of InputEvents in the
	application's data space. At the time of translation, each input event
	is copied into its own new commodity message.

	The above means that no other commodities' user, nor
	commodities.library itself will be modifying your list of InputEvents.
	On the other hand, your program must not corrupt the input event
	chain that has been presented to a translator.

	translator - the translator object to affect (may be NULL)
	events - the new input event translation list

	The list of input events manipulated by a translator object is
	inserted in reverse order in the commodities network, and come out
	of the network in reverse order as well. The cx_lib/InvertString()
	function creates lists of input events that are in reverse order so
	they can be used directly with translator objects.

	<devices/inputevent.h>, cx_lib/CxTranslate()

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