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	InternalLoadSeg -- Low-level load routine (V36)

	seglist = InternalLoadSeg(fh,table,functionarray,stack)
	D0			  D0  A0        A1	  A2

	BPTR InternalLoadSeg(BPTR,BPTR,LONG *,LONG *)

	Loads from fh.  Table is used when loading an overlay, otherwise
	should be NULL.  Functionarray is a pointer to an array of functions.
	Note that the current Seek position after loading may be at any point
	after the last hunk loaded.  The filehandle will not be closed.  If a
	stacksize is encoded in the file, the size will be stuffed in the
	LONG pointed to by stack.  This LONG should be initialized to your
	default value: InternalLoadSeg() will not change it if no stacksize
	is found. Clears unused portions of Code and Data hunks (as well as
	BSS hunks).  (This also applies to LoadSeg() and NewLoadSeg()).

	If the file being loaded is an overlaid file, this will return
	-(seglist).  All other results will be positive.

	NOTE to overlay users: InternalLoadSeg() does NOT return seglist in
	both D0 and D1, as LoadSeg does.  The current ovs.asm uses LoadSeg(),
	and assumes returns are in D1.  We will support this for LoadSeg()

	fh	      - Filehandle to load from.
	table	      - When loading an overlay, otherwise ignored.
	functionarray - Array of function to be used for read, alloc, and free.
	   FuncTable[0] ->  Actual = ReadFunc(readhandle,buffer,length),DOSBase
		            D0                D1         D2     D3      A6
	   FuncTable[1] ->  Memory = AllocFunc(size,flags), Execbase
		            D0                 D0   D1      a6
	   FuncTable[2] ->  FreeFunc(memory,size), Execbase
		                     A1     D0     A6
	stack         - Pointer to storage (ULONG) for stacksize.

	seglist	      - Seglist loaded or NULL.  NOT returned in D1!

	Really should use tags.

	LoadSeg(), UnLoadSeg(), NewLoadSeg(), InternalUnLoadSeg()

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