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	FindName -- find a system list node with a given name

	node = FindName(start, name)
	D0,Z		A0     A1

	struct Node *FindName(struct List *, STRPTR);

	Traverse a system list until a node with the given name is found.
	To find multiple occurrences of a string, this function may be
	called with a node starting point.

	No arbitration is done for access to the list!	If multiple tasks
	access the same list, an arbitration mechanism such as
	SignalSemaphores must be used.

	start - a list header or a list node to start the search
		(if node, this one is skipped)
	name - a pointer to a name string terminated with NULL

	node - a pointer to the node with the same name else
	    zero to indicate that the string was not found.

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