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	Signal -- signal a task

	Signal(task, signals)
	       A1    D0

	void Signal(struct Task *,ULONG);

	This function signals a task with the given signals.  If the task
	is currently waiting for one or more of these signals, it will be
	made ready and a reschedule will occur. If the task is not waiting
	for any of these signals, the signals will be posted to the task
	for possible later use. A signal may be sent to a task regardless
	of whether it is running, ready, or waiting.

	This function is considered "low level".  Its main purpose is to
	support multiple higher level functions like PutMsg.

	This function is safe to call from interrupts.

	task - the task to be signalled
	signals - the signals to be sent

	Wait(), SetSignal()

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