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	The FileSystem.resource is where boot disk drivers rendezvous
	to share file system code segments for partitions specified by
	dos type.  Prior to V36, it was created by the first driver
	that needed to use it.  For V36, its creation is ensured by the
	rom boot process.


	The FileSystem.resource is described in the include file
	resources/filesysres.h.  The nodes on it describe how to
	algorithmically convert the result of MakeDosNode (from the
	expansion.library) to a node appropriate for the dos type.

	    fse_Node		on fsr_FileSysEntries list
				ln_Name is of creator of this entry
	    fse_DosType		DosType of this FileSys: e.g. 0x444f5301
				for the fast file system.
	    fse_Version		high word is the version, low word is
				the revision.
	    fse_PatchFlags	bits set for those of the following that
				need to be substituted into a standard
				device node for this file system: e.g.
				$180 for substitute SegList & GlobalVec
	    fse_Type		device node type: zero
	    fse_Task		standard dos "task" field
	    fse_Lock		must be zero
	    fse_Handler		for V36, if bit 31 is set, this is not
				an AmigaDOS partition.
	    fse_StackSize	stacksize to use when starting task
	    fse_Priority	task priority when starting task
	    fse_Startup		startup msg: FileSysStartupMsg for disks
	    fse_SegList		segment of code to run to start new task
	    fse_GlobalVec	BCPL global vector when starting task

	no more entries need exist than those implied by fse_PatchFlags,
	so entries do not have a fixed size.  For V36, for example, the
	entry for the fast file system (fse_DosType 0x444f5301)
	contains a zero fse_PatchFlags, and thus no entries beyond that.

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