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	GT_GetIMsg -- get an IntuiMessage, with GadTools processing. (V36)

	imsg = GT_GetIMsg(intuiport)
	D0                A0

	struct IntuiMessage *GT_GetIMsg(struct MsgPort *);

	Use GT_GetIMsg() in place of the usual exec.library/GetMsg() when
	reading IntuiMessages from your window's UserPort.  If needed,
	the GadTools dispatcher will be invoked, and suitable processing
	will be done for gadget actions.  This function returns a pointer
	to a modified IntuiMessage (which is a copy of the original,
	possibly with some supplementary information from GadTools).
	If there are no messages (or if the only messages are meaningful
	only to GadTools, NULL will be returned.

	intuiport - the Window->UserPort of a window that is using the
	            Gadget Toolkit.

	imsg - pointer to modified IntuiMessage, or NULL if there are
	       no applicable messages.

	Be sure to use GT_ReplyIMsg() and not exec.library/ReplyMsg() on
	messages obtained with GT_GetIMsg().
	If you intend to do more with the resulting message than read
	its fields, act on it, and reply it, you may find GT_FilterIMsg()
	more appropriate.

	Starting with V39, this function actually returns a pointer to an
	ExtIntuiMessage structure, but the prototype was not changed for
	source code compatibility with older software.

	GT_ReplyIMsg(), GT_FilterIMsg()

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