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       ChangeSprite -- Change the sprite image pointer.

       ChangeSprite( vp, s, newdata)
                     a0  a1   a2

	void ChangeSprite(struct ViewPort *, struct SimpleSprite *, void * )

	The sprite image is changed to use the data starting at newdata

       vp - pointer to ViewPort structure that this sprite is
		  relative to,  or 0 if relative only top of View
	s - pointer to SimpleSprite structure
	newdata	- pointer to data structure of the following form.
		struct spriteimage
		    UWORD    posctl[2];	/* used by simple sprite machine*/
		    UWORD    data[height][2];   /* actual sprite image */
		    UWORD    reserved[2];	/* initialized to */
			                             /*  0x0,0x0 */
	The programmer must initialize reserved[2].  Spriteimage must be
	in CHIP memory. The height subfield of the SimpleSprite structure
	must be set to reflect the height of the new spriteimage BEFORE
	calling ChangeSprite(). The programmer may allocate two sprites to
	handle a single attached sprite.  After GetSprite(), ChangeSprite(),
	the programmer can set the SPRITE_ATTACHED bit in posctl[1] of the
	odd numbered sprite.
	If you need more than 8 sprites, look up VSprites in the
	graphics documentation.



	FreeSprite() ChangeSprite() MoveSprite() AddVSprite() graphics/sprite.h

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