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	ClipBlit  --  Calls BltBitMap() after accounting for windows

	ClipBlit(Src, SrcX, SrcY, Dest, DestX, DestY, XSize, YSize, Minterm)
	         A0   D0    D1    A1    D2     D3     D4     D5     D6

	void ClipBlit
	     (struct RastPort *, WORD, WORD, struct RastPort *, WORD, WORD,
	      WORD, WORD, UBYTE);

	Performs the same function as BltBitMap(), except that it
	takes into account the Layers and ClipRects of the layer library,
	all of which are (and should be) transparent to you.  So, whereas
	BltBitMap() requires pointers to BitMaps, ClipBlit requires pointers to
	the RastPorts that contain the Bitmaps, Layers, etcetera.

	If you are going to blit blocks of data around via the RastPort of your
	Intuition Window, you must call this routine (rather than BltBitMap()).

	Either the Src RastPort, the Dest RastPort, both, or neither, can have
	Layers. This routine takes care of all cases.

	See BltBitMap() for a thorough explanation.

	Src          = pointer to the RastPort of the source for your blit
	SrcX, SrcY   = the topleft offset into Src for your data
	Dest         = pointer to the RastPort to receive the blitted data
	DestX, DestY = the topleft offset into the destination RastPort
	XSize        = the width of the blit (must be ta least 1)
	YSize        = the height of the blit (must be at least 1)
	Minterm      = the boolean blitter function, where SRCB is associated
	               with the Src RastPort and SRCC goes to the Dest RastPort




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