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   ScrollRasterBF -- Push bits in rectangle in raster around by
                   dx,dy towards 0,0 inside rectangle. Newly empty areas
   		will be filled via EraseRect(). (V39)

   ScrollRasterBF(rp, dx, dy, xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax)
                A1  D0  D1  D2    D3    D4    D5

   void ScrollRasterBF
        (struct RastPort *, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD, WORD);

   Move the bits in the raster by (dx,dy) towards (0,0)
   The space vacated is filled by calling EraseRect().
   Limit the scroll operation to the rectangle defined
   by (xmin,ymin)(xmax,ymax). Bits outside will not be
   affected. If xmax,ymax is outside the rastport then use
   the lower right corner of the rastport.
   If you are dealing with a SimpleRefresh layered RastPort you
   should check rp->Layer->Flags & LAYERREFRESH to see if
   there is any damage in the damage list.  If there is you should
   call the appropriate BeginRefresh(Intuition) or BeginUpdate(graphics)
   routine sequence.

   rp - pointer to a RastPort structure
   dx,dy are integers that may be positive, zero, or negative
   xmin,ymin - upper left of bounding rectangle
   xmax,ymax - lower right of bounding rectangle


   This call is exactly the same as ScrollRaster, except that it calls
   EraseRect() instead of RectFill() when clearing the newly exposed
   area. This allows use of a custom layer backfill hook.


   ScrollRaster() EraseRect() intuition.library/ScrollWindowRaster() 

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