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	AllocLocalItem -- create a local context item structure. (V36)

	item = AllocLocalItem(type, id, ident, dataSize);
	D0                    D0    D1  D2     D3

	struct LocalContextItem *AllocLocalItem(LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG);

	Allocates and initializes a LocalContextItem structure with "dataSize"
	bytes of associated user data. This is the only supported way to
	create such an item. The user data can be accessed with the
	LocalItemData() function. An item created with this function
	automatically has its purge vectors set up correctly to dispose of
	itself and its associated user data area. Any additional cleanup
	should be done with a user-supplied purge vector.

	type,id - additional longword identification values
	ident - longword identifier for class of context item
	dataSize - number of bytes of user data to allocate for this item

	item - pointer to initialized LocalContextItem or NULL if the
	       allocation failed.

	FreeLocalItem(), LocalItemData(), StoreLocalItem(),
	StoreItemInContext(), SetLocalItemPurge(), <libraries/iffparse.h>

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