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	DrawImage -- Draw the specified Image structure into a RastPort.

	DrawImage( RastPort, Image, LeftOffset, TopOffset )
		   A0        A1     D0          D1

	VOID DrawImage( struct RastPort *, struct Image	*, WORD, WORD );

	First, sets up the draw mode and pens in the RastPort according to the
	arguments of the Image structure.  Then, moves the image data of
	the image argument into the RastPort, offset by the left and top

	This routine does window layer clipping if you pass your window's
	(layered) RastPort -- if you draw an image outside of your window,
	your imagery will be clipped at the window's edge.  If you pass
	a (non-layered) screen RastPort, you MUST be sure your image is
	wholly contained within the rastport bounds.

	If the NextImage field of the image argument is non-NULL,
	the next image is rendered as well, and so on until some
	NextImage field is found to be NULL.

	RastPort = pointer to the RastPort to receive image rendering
	Image = pointer to an image structure
	LeftOffset = the offset which will be added to the image's x coordinate
	TopOffset = the offset which will be added to the image's y coordinate


	Intuition always has and will continue to assume there are
	at least as many planes of data pointed to by ImageData as there
	are '1' bits in the PlanePick field.  Please ensure that
	this is so.  (See the intuition.h include file for full details
	on using PlanePick).


	DrawImageState(), EraseImage()

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