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	GetScreenDrawInfo -- Get pointer to rendering information. (V36)

	DrInfo = GetScreenDrawInfo( Screen )
	D0	  		    A0

	struct DrawInfo *GetScreenDrawInfo( struct Screen * );

	Returns a pointer to a DrawInfo structure derived from the
	screen passed.  This data structure is READ ONLY.  The field
	dri_Version identifies which version of struct DrawInfo you
	are given a pointer to.

 	Screen        - pointer to a valid, open screen.

 	DrInfo - pointer to a system-allocated DrawInfo structure,
	as defined in intuition/screens.h.

	Some information in the DrawInfo structure may in the future
	be calculated the first time this function is called for a
	particular screen.

	You must call FreeScreenDrawInfo() when you are done using the
	returned pointer.

	This function does not prevent a screen from closing.  Apply it
	only to the screens you opened yourself, or apply a protocol
	such as LockPubScreen().

	WARNING: Until further notice, the pointer returned does not
	remain valid after the screen is closed.

	This function and FreeScreenDrawInfo() don't really do much now,
	but they provide an upward compatibility path.  That means that
	if you misuse them today, they probably won't cause a problem,
	although they may someday later.  So, please be very careful
	only to use the DrawInfo structure between calls to
	GetScreenDrawInfo() and FreeScreenDrawInfo(), and be sure
	that you don't forget FreeScreenDrawInfo().

	Does not reflect to changes in screen modes, depth, or pens.

	FreeScreenDrawInfo(), LockPubScreen(), intuition/screens.h

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