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	ResetMenuStrip -- Re-attach a menu strip to a window. (V36)

	Success = ResetMenuStrip( Window, Menu )
	D0		          A0      A1

	BOOL ResetMenuStrip( struct Window *, struct Menu * );

	This function is simply a "fast" version of SetMenuStrip() that
	doesn't perform the precalculations of menu page sizes that
	SetMenuStrip() does.

	You may call this function ONLY IF the menu strip and all items
	and sub-items have not changed since the menu strip was passed to
	SetMenuStrip(), with the following exceptions:

	- You may change the CHECKED flag to turn a checkmark on or off.
	- You may change the ITEMENABLED flag to enable/disable some
	  MenuItem or Menu structures.

	In all other ways, this function performs like SetMenuStrip().

	The new sequence of events you can use is:
	- OpenWindow()
	- SetMenuStrip()
	zero or more iterations of:
	    - ClearMenuStrip()
	    - change CHECKED or ITEMENABLED flags
	    - ResetMenuStrip()
	- ClearMenuStrip()
	- CloseWindow()

	Window = pointer to a Window structure
	Menu = pointer to the first menu in the menu strip

	TRUE always.


	SetMenuStrip(), ClearMenuStrip()

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