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	SwapBitsRastPortClipRect -- Swap bits between common bitmap
	                            and obscured ClipRect

	SwapBitsRastPortClipRect( rp, cr )
	                          a0  a1

	void SwapBitsRastPortClipRect( struct RastPort *, struct ClipRect *);

	Support routine useful for those that need to do some
	operations not done by the layer library.  Allows programmer
	to swap the contents of a small BitMap with a subsection of
	the display. This is accomplished without using extra memory.
	The bits in the display RastPort are exchanged with the
	bits in the ClipRect's BitMap.

	Note: the ClipRect structures which the layer library allocates are
	actually a little bigger than those described in the graphics/clip.h
	include file.  So be warned that it is not a good idea to have
	instances of cliprects in your code.

	rp - pointer to rastport
	cr - pointer to cliprect to swap bits with

	Because the blit operation started by this function is done asynchronously,
	it is imperative that a WaitBlit() be performed before releasing or using
	the processor to modify any of the associated structures.


	graphics/clip.h, graphics/rastport.h, graphics/clip.h

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