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      RethinkLayout -- Relayout and render the layout. (V39)

      RethinkLayout( layout, window, requester, refresh );
                      a0        a1        a2

      void RethinkLayout( struct Gadget *, struct Window *,
                              struct Requester *, BOOL )

      Relayout and refresh the layout page. Call this function after
      a call SetGadgetAttrs() returns 1 to display the changes in the
      layout.  According to BOOPSI rules, a gadget will return a value
      of 1 from OM_SET to tell the application to refresh. This is what
      this function is for. Basically, it will call the GM_LAYOUT and
      GM_RENDER methods of the layout.

      layout = the layout to refresh. Doesn't have to be the topmost
                  object in the hierarchy, if the changes do not affect
      window = the window to which the layout (or its parent) is
                  attached to.
      requester = the window's requester, or NULL.
      refresh = whether layout.gadget should also refresh the display.

      This function emulates a DoGadgetMethod() on V37 and V38 systems.

      The refresh flag is provided for several reasons. First, when using
      LAYOUT_DeferLayout, you should not refresh upon receiving a
      LAYOUT_RequestLayout notification. Second, datatypes have an
      asynchronous layout, and should not be attempted to refresh before
      that is finished. Wait for DTA_Sync, and then RefreshGList( layout,
      window, requester, 1 ).

      intuition.library/RefreshGList(), intuition.library/SetGadgetAttrsA(),

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