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	IsXXXX -- determine whether a character is of a certain type. (V38)

	state = IsXXXX(locale,character);
	D0	       A0     D0

	BOOL IsXXXX(struct Locale *,ULONG);

	These functions determine whether the character specified is of a
	certain type, according to the supplied locale.

	IsAlNum() - test if alphanumeric character
	IsAlpha() - test if alphabetical character
	IsCntrl() - test if control character
	IsDigit() - test if decimal digit character
	IsGraph() - test if visible character
	IsLower() - test if lower case character
	IsPrint() - test if blank
	IsPunct() - test if punctuation character
	IsSpace() - test if white space character
	IsUpper() - test if upper case character
	IsXDigit() - test if hexadecimal digit

	locale - the locale to use for the test
	character - the character to test

	state - TRUE if the character is of the required type, FALSE otherwise

	These functions require full 32-bit characters be passed-in in order
	to support multi-byte character sets.

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