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	OpenLocale -- open a locale. (V38)

	locale = OpenLocale(name);
	D0                  A0

	struct Locale *OpenLocale(STRPTR);

	This function opens a named locale. Locales contain many parameters
	that an application needs to consider when being integrated into
	different languages, territories and customs. Using the information
	stored in a locale instead of hard-coding it into an application,
	lets the application dynamically adapt to the user's environment.

	Locales originally come from disk files which are created by the
	user using the Locale preferences editor. Passing a NULL instead of
	a name causes this function to return the current default locale.
	This is what most applications will do.

	Every locale specifies a language, and special language drivers
	must be loaded from disk depending on which language is being used.
	These files include for example:


	name - the NULL-terminated name of the locale to open, or NULL to open
	       the current default locale. This should generally be NULL. The
	       name you supply must be a pathname leading to a locale
	       preferences file. This is an IFF PREF file as saved by
	       Locale prefs, that can contain both LCLE and CTRY chunks.
	       See <prefs/locale.h> for definitions.

	locale - a pointer to an initialized Locale structure, or NULL if the
		 locale could not be loaded. In the case of a NULL return, the
		 DOS IoErr() function can be called to obtain more information
		 on the failure.

		 When passing a NULL name parameter to this function, you are
		 guaranteed a valid return.

	CloseLocale(), <libraries/locale.h>, <prefs/locale.h>

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