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	Translate -- Convert an English string into narrator device phonemes.

	rtnCode = Translate(inString, inLength, outBuffer, outLength)
	D0                  A0        D0        A1         D1

	LONG Translate( STRPTR inString, LONG inLength, STRPTR outBuffer,
	    LONG outlen );

	The translate function converts an English string into
	a string of phonetic codes suitable as input to the
	narrator device.

	inString - pointer to English string
	inLength - length of English string
	outBuffer - a char array which will hold the phonetic codes
	outLength - the length of the output array

	rtnCode - zero if no error has occured.
	    The only error that can occur is overflowing the outBuffer.
	    If Translate() determines that an overflow will occur, it
	    will stop the translation at a word boundary before the
	    overflow happens.  If this occurs, rtnCode will be a
	    negative number whose absolute value indicates where in
	    inString Translate() stopped.  The user can then use the
	    offset -rtnCode from the beginning of inString in a
	    subsequent Translate() call to continue the translation.


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