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Release 2 first appeared on the Amiga 3000.  This initial version
corresponds to Kickstart V2.00, system library version number V36.
Release 2 was subsequently revised and this older version is now
considered obsolete.

Programs written for Release 2 should use only the later version
corresponding to Kickstart V2.04, system library version number V37.  If
your system is using the earlier version of Release 2, you should upgrade
your system.  (Upgrade kits may be obtained from an authorized Amiga
service center.)
 |                                                                     |
 | What Every Amiga Programmer Should Know:                            |
 | ----------------------------------------                            |
 | Some libraries or specific functions are not available in older     |
 | versions of the Amiga operating system.  Be sure to ask for the     |
 | lowest library version that meets the requirements of your program. |

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