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In Release 2, whenever a new screen is created, Intuition also creates an
auxiliary data structure called a DrawInfo.  The DrawInfo structure
provides information Intuition uses to support the new 3D look of Release
2 and  specifies graphical information for applications that use the
screen.  The information includes such items as aspect ratio (resolution),
font, number of colors and drawing pens.

struct DrawInfo
    UWORD       dri_Version;    /* will be  DRI_VERSION                 */
    UWORD       dri_NumPens;    /* guaranteed to be >= numDrIPens       */
    UWORD       *dri_Pens;      /* pointer to pen array	                */

    struct TextFont     *dri_Font;  /* screen default font              */
    UWORD       dri_Depth;          /* (initial) depth of screen bitmap */

    struct {    /* from DisplayInfo database for initial display mode   */
    }           dri_Resolution;

    ULONG       dri_Flags;              /* defined below                */
    ULONG       dri_Reserved[7];        /* avoid recompilation ;^)      */

Before an application uses fields in the DrawInfo structure, it should
check the version of the structure to ensure that all fields are
available.  If the field dri_Version is greater than or equal to the
constant DRI_VERSION that the application was compiled with, it can be
assured that all fields in DrawInfo that it knows about are being
supported by Intuition.

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