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Requesters are temporary sub-windows, usually containing several gadgets,
used to confirm actions, access files, or adjust the options of a command
the user has just given.  Request() creates and activates a requester in
the window.  EndRequest() removes the requester from the window.

    BOOL Request( struct Requester *requester, struct Window *window );
    void EndRequest( struct Requester *requester, struct Window *window );

For simple requesters in a format that matches system requesters, two new
functions have been added to Release 2:

    LONG EasyRequestArgs( struct Window *window,
                          struct EasyStruct *easyStruct,
                          ULONG *idcmpPtr, APTR args );
    LONG EasyRequest( struct Window *window,
                          struct EasyStruct *easyStruct,
                          ULONG *idcmpPtr, APTR arg1, ... );

The EasyRequest() functions support requesters with one or more gadgets
automatically providing a layout that is sensitive to the current font and
screen resolution.  See the chapter "Intuition Requesters and Alerts" for
more information on using requester functions.

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