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The following are brief descriptions of the Intuition functions that
relate to the use of the mouse and keyboard under Intuition. See the Amiga
ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes and Autodocs for details on each
function call.

         Table 10-4: Functions for Intuition Mouse and Keyboard
 |                                                                    |
 |      Function                  Description                         |
 |    DoubleClick()  Test two time values for double click status.    |
 |     SetPointer()  Change the Intuition pointer imagery for an open |
 |                   window.                                          |
 |   ClearPointer()  Restore the default Intuition pointer imagery.   |
 |  SetMouseQueue()  Change the mouse queue for an open window.       |
 |    ReportMouse()  A function C programmers should not use.         |

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