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To make the Amiga operating system easily configurable by the user, the OS
comes with a family of editors and associated data files known
collectively as Preferences.  Preferences allows the user to set
system-wide configuration options such as the printer driver to use,
serial port baud rate and other items.  To make an application appealing
to the user, the system-wide Preferences settings should be respected as
much as possible by applications.  This chapter describes how to use the
Preferences system in your programs.

In Release 2 the number of Preference items and the way they are handled
is very different from 1.3 and earlier versions, though there is backward
compatibility with old Preferences items.  This chapter describes both the
old 1.3 and the new Release 2 Preferences.

 Preferences in 1.3 and Older Versions of the OS 
 Preferences in Release 2 
 Function Reference 

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