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Workbench is the graphic user interface to the Amiga file system that uses
symbols called icons to represent disks, directories and files.  This
chapter shows how to use Workbench and its two support libraries
workbench.library and icon.library.

Workbench is both a system program and a screen.  Normally it is the first
thing the user sees when the machine is booted providing a friendly
operating environment for launching applications and performing other
important system activities like navigating through the Amiga's
hierarchical filing system.

All application programs should be compatible with Workbench.  There are
only two things you need to know to do this: how to make icons for your
application, data files and directories; and how to get arguments if your
application is launched from Workbench.

 The Info File            The Workbench Library 
 Workbench Environment    Workbench and the Startup Code Module 
 The Icon Library         Function Reference 

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