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AppWindows, AppIcons and AppMenuItems extend the user's ability to perform
operations with the Workbench iconic interface.  They all provide
graphical methods for passing arguments to a running application. In order
to manage AppWindows, AppIcons and AppMenuItems, the Amiga OS includes
these Workbench library functions:

struct AppIcon     *AddAppIconA( ULONG, ULONG, char *, struct MsgPort *,
                                 struct FileLock *, struct DiskObject *,
                                 struct *TagItem );
struct AppMenuItem *AddAppMenuItemA( ULONG, ULONG, char *,
                                     struct MsgPort *, struct *TagItem);
struct AppWindow   *AddAppWindowA( ULONG, ULONG, struct Window *,
                                   struct MsgPort *, struct *TagItem);

BOOL                RemoveAppIcon(struct AppIcon *);
BOOL                RemoveAppMenuItem(struct AppMenuItem *);
BOOL                RemoveAppWindow(struct AppWindow  *);

The functions AddAppMenuItemA(), AddAppWindowA() and AddAppIconA() have
alternate entry points using the same function name without the trailing
A.  The alternate functions accept any TagItem arguments on the stack
instead of from an array. See the listings below for examples.

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