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The RastPort data structure can be found in the include files
<graphics/rastport.h> and <graphics/rastport.i>. It contains the following

struct RastPort
    struct  Layer  *Layer;
    struct  BitMap *BitMap;
    UWORD          *AreaPtrn;  /* Ptr to areafill pattern */
    struct  TmpRas *TmpRas;
    struct  AreaInfo *AreaInfo;
    struct  GelsInfo *GelsInfo;
    UBYTE   Mask;              /* Write mask for this raster */
    BYTE    FgPen;             /* Foreground pen for this raster */
    BYTE    BgPen;             /* Background pen  */
    BYTE    AOlPen;            /* Areafill outline pen */
    BYTE    DrawMode;          /* Drawing mode for fill, lines, and text */
    BYTE    AreaPtSz;          /* 2^n words for areafill pattern */
    BYTE    linpatcnt;         /* Current line drawing pattern preshift */
    BYTE    dummy;
    UWORD   Flags;             /* Miscellaneous control bits */
    UWORD   LinePtrn;          /* 16 bits for textured lines */
    WORD    cp_x, cp_y;	       /* Current pen position */
    UBYTE   minterms[8];
    WORD    PenWidth;
    WORD    PenHeight;
    struct  TextFont *Font;    /* Current font address */
    UBYTE   AlgoStyle;         /* The algorithmically generated style */
    UBYTE   TxFlags;           /* Text specific flags */
    UWORD   TxHeight;          /* Text height */
    UWORD   TxWidth;           /* Text nominal width */
    UWORD   TxBaseline;        /* Text baseline */
    WORD    TxSpacing;         /* Text spacing (per character) */
    APTR    *RP_User;
    ULONG   longreserved[2];
#ifndef GFX_RASTPORT_1_2
    UWORD   wordreserved[7];   /* Used to be a node */
    UBYTE   reserved[8];       /* For future use */

The sections that follow explain each of the items in the
RastPort structure is used.

 Initializing a BitMap Structure 
 Initializing a RastPort Structure 
 RastPort Area-fill Information 
 RastPort Graphics Element Pointer 
 RastPort Write Mask 
 RastPort Drawing Pens 
 RastPort Drawing Modes 
 RastPort Line and Area Drawing Patterns 
 RastPort Pen Position and Size 
 Text Attributes 

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