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As with VSprites, the GelsInfo list must be sorted before any Bobs can be
displayed.  This is accomplished with the SortGList() function.  For Bobs,
the system uses the position information to decide inter-Bob priorities,
if not explicitly set by using the Bob.Before and Bob.After pointers.

Once the GelsInfo list has been sorted, the Bobs in the list can be
displayed by calling DrawGList().  This call should then be followed by a
call to WaitTOF() if the application wants to be sure that the Bobs are
rendered before proceeding.  Call these functions as follows:

    struct RastPort myRastPort = {0};  /* Of course, these have to be */
    struct ViewPort myViewPort = {0};  /* initialized...              */

    DrawGList(&myRastPort, &myViewPort);/* Draw the elements (Bobs only) */

    If your GelsInfo list contains VSprites in addition to Bobs, you
    must also call MrgCop() and LoadView() to make all the GELs
    visible.  Or, under Intuition, RethinkDisplay() must be called to
    make all the GELs visible.

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