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The specifications for Amiga IFF formats are maintained by Commodore
Applications and Technical Support (CATS) and updated periodically.  The
latest specifications are published in the Amiga ROM Kernel Reference
Manual: Devices (3rd edition) and also available in electronic form
directly from CATS.  Between updates of the IFF Manual, selected new FORMs
and changes to existing FORMs are documented in Amiga Mail a technical
newsletter for Amiga developers published by Commodore's CATS group.

Some of the most commonly used IFF FORMs are the four that were originally
specified in the EA IFF-85 standard:

            |                                   |
            |  ILBM  Bitmap images and palettes |
            |  FTXT  Simple formatted text      |
            |  SMUS  Simple musical scores      |
            |  8SVX  8-bit sound samples        |

Of these four, ILBM is the most commonly encountered FORM, and FTXT is
becoming increasingly important since the Release 2 conclip command passes
clipped console text through the clipboard as FTXT.  All data clipped to
the clipboard must be in an IFF format.

This section will provide a brief summary of the ILBM and FTXT FORMs and
their most used common chunks.  Please consult the EA-IFF specifications
for additional information.


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