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The Boopsi Class Reference documents all of the classes built into
Intuition.  Each class entry in the reference starts off with:

   Class:         The class's name (for example, gadgetclass)
   Superclass:    The class's superclass (for example, rootclass)
   Include File:  The class's include file (for example,

The include file contains the class's message structures, attribute IDs,
and method IDs.  This is followed by a short description of the class.

The rest of a class entry is broken up into three sections:

  * New Methods      Describes each new method that the class defines.

  * Changed Methods  Describes each method to which this class makes
                     significant changes.

  * Attributes       Describes the attributes that this class defines as
                     well as inherited ones that this class alters.

 Introduction    imageclass       itexticlass    buttongclass 
 rootclass       frameiclass      gadgetclass    frbuttonclass 
 icclass         sysiclass        propgclass     groupgclass 
 modelclass      fillrectclass    strgclass 

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