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This appendix contains the source code to an Exec library called
sample.library.  It also includes some example code that uses the library.
The files include:

 makefile            A make file to build the library and examples.
 asmsupp.i           Assorted low level assembly support routines used by
                     the example library.
 sample_rev.i        The version file generated by bumprev.
 sample_protos.h     Prototypes for sample.library functions.
 sample_pragmas.h    Pragmas for sample.library functions.
 samplebase.i        Definition of sample.library base.
 samplebase.h        include file defining sample.library base.
 sample.library.asm  Example run-time library source code.
 sample_lvos.asm     The .fd file for the sample library.
 sample_stubs.asm    Assembler stubs for C interface to library functions.
 clibtest.c          C example that calls the sample.library functions.
 alibtest.asm        Assembly code example that calls the sample.library

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