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AllocAslRequest(type,tagList)(d0/a0)    - Also stack-based amiga.lib stub
                                          AllocAslRequestTags() alloc an
                                          ASL requester, with TagItem
                                          modifiers (V36)
AllocFileRequest()()                    - Allocates a FileRequester
                                          structure (V36)
AslRequest(request,tagList)(a0/a1)      - lso stack-based amiga.lib stub
                                          AslRequestTags().  Get input
                                          from user for an ASL requester
FreeAslRequest(request)(a0)             - Frees requester obtained from
                                          AllocAslRequest (V36)
FreeFileRequest(fileReq)(a0)            - Frees requester allocated by
                                          AllocFileRequest (V36)
RequestFile(fileReq)(a0)                - request user to select file(s)

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