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Compiled by Carolyn Scheppner

The 2.0 Release of the Amiga Operating System contains hundreds of new
library functions and device commands.  The following list is a quick
reference for all of the functions and commands that were introduced to
the Amiga OS in releases 2.00 through 2.04 (V36 and V37).  Only the 2.04
release contains all of these functions.

 asl.library (basename: _AslBase)  V36 
 battclock.resource (basename: _BattClockBase) 
 battmem.resource (basename: _BattMemBase) 
 clipboard.device (device commands) 
 commodities.library (basename: _CxBase)  V36 
 disk.resource (basename: _DiskBase) 
 diskfont.library (basename: _DiskfontBase) 
 dos.library (basename: _DOSBase) 
 exec.library (basename: _SysBase) 
 expansion.library (basename: _ExpansionBase) 
 gadtools.library (basename: _GadToolsBase)  V36 
 graphics.library (basename: _GfxBase) 
 icon.library (basename: _IconBase) 
 iffparse.library (basename: _IFFParseBase)  V36 
 input.device (basename: _InputBase) 
 intuition.library (basename: _IntuitionBase) 
 keymap.library (basename: _KeymapBase) 
 layers.library (basename: _LayersBase) 
 mathieeesingbas.library (basename: _MathIeeeSingBasBase)  V36 
 mathieeesingtrans.library (basename: _MathIeeeSingTransBase)  V36 
 ramdrive.device (basename: _RamdriveDevice) 
 rexxsyslib.library (basename: _RexxSysBase)  V36 
 Timer.Device (basename: _TimerBase) 
 trackdisk.device (device commands) 
 utility.library (basename: _UtilityBase)  V36 
 workbench.library (basename: _WorkbenchBase) 

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