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AllocVec(byteSize,requirements)(d0/d1)  - Allocate memory and keep track
                                          of the size  (V36)
                                        - Cache clearing with extended
                                          control (V37)
CacheClearU()()                         - User callable simple cache
                                          clearing (V37)
CacheControl(cacheBits,cacheMask)(d0/d1)- Instruction & data cache control
                                        - Take actions after to hardware
                                          DMA  (V37)
                                        - Take actions prior to hardware
                                          DMA  (V37)
ColdReboot()()                          - Reboot the Amiga (V36)
CreateIORequest(port,size)(a0,d0)       - Create an IORequest structure
CreateMsgPort()()                       - Allocate and initialize a new
                                          message port  (V36)
DeleteIORequest(iorequest)(a0)          - Free a request made by
                                          CreateIORequest()  (V36)
DeleteMsgPort(port)(a0)                 - Free a message port created by
                                          CreateMsgPort  (V36)
FreeVec(memoryBlock)(a1)                - Return AllocVec() memory to the
                                          system  (V36)
ObtainSemaphoreShared(sigSem)(a0)       - Gain shared access to a
                                          semaphore (V36)
                                        - Exec supported method of
                                          replacing a task's stack.

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