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AbortPkt(port,pkt)(d1/d2)               - Aborts an asynchronous packet,
                                          if possible. (V36)
AddBuffers(name,number)(d1/d2)          - Changes the number of buffers
                                          for a filesystem (V36)
AddDosEntry(dlist)(d1)                  - Add a Dos List entry to the
                                          lists (V36)
AddPart(dirname,filename,size)(d1/d2/d3)- Appends a file/dir to the end of
                                          a path (V36)
AddSegment(name,seg,system)(d1/d2/d3)   - Adds a resident segment to the
                                          resident list (V36)
AllocDosObject(type,tags)(d1/d2)        - Creates a dos object (V36)
AssignAdd(name,lock)(d1/d2)             - Adds a lock to an assign for
                                          multi-directory assigns (V36)
AssignLate(name,path)(d1/d2)            - Creates an assignment to a
                                          specified path later (V36)
AssignLock(name,lock)(d1/d2)            - Creates an assignment to a
                                          locked object (V36)
AssignPath(name,path)(d1/d2)            - Creates an assignment to a
                                          specified path (V36)
AttemptLockDosList(flags)(d1)           - Attempt to lock the Dos Lists
                                          for use (V36)
ChangeMode(type,fh,newmode)(d1/d2/d3)   - Change the current mode of a
                                          lock or filehandle (V36)
CheckSignal(mask)(d1)                   - Checks for break signals (V36)
Cli()()                                 - Returns a pointer to the CLI
                                          structure of the process (V36)
CliInitNewcli(dp)(a0)                   - Set up a process as a shell
                                          according to the inital packet.
CliInitRun(dp)(a0)                      - Set up a process as a shell
                                          according to the inital packet.
CompareDates(date1,date2)(d1/d2)        - Compares two datestamps (V36)
CreateNewProc(tags)(d1)                 - Create a new process (V36)
DateToStr(datetime)(d1)                 - Converts a DateStamp to a string
DeleteVar(name,flags)(d1/d2)            - Deletes a local or environment
                                          variable (V36)
                                        - Send a dos packet and wait for
                                          reply (V36)
DupLockFromFH(fh)(d1)                   - Gets a lock on an open file (V36)

EndNotify(notify)(d1)                   - Ends a notification request (V36)

                                        - Displays a Retry/Cancel
                                          requester for an error (V36)
                                        - Examine an entire directory (V36)

ExamineFH(fh,fib)(d1/d2)                - Gets information on an open file
                                        - Returns the text associated with
                                          a DOS error code (V36)
FGetC(fh)(d1)                           - Read a character from the
                                          specified input (buffered) (V36)
FGets(fh,buf,buflen)(d1/d2/d3)          - Reads a line from the specified
                                          input (buffered) (V36)
FilePart(path)(d1)                      - Returns the last component of a
                                          path (V36)
FindArg(keyword,template)(d1/d2)        - Find a keyword in a template
FindCliProc(num)(d1)                    - Returns a pointer to the
                                          requested CLI process (V36)
FindDosEntry(dlist,name,flags)(d1/d2/d3)- Finds a specific Dos List entry
FindSegment(name,seg,system)(d1/d2/d3)  - Finds a segment on the resident
                                          list (V36)
FindVar(name,type)(d1/d2)               - Finds a local variable (V36)
Flush(fh)(d1)                           - Flushes buffers for a buffered
                                          filehandle (V36)
                                        - Causes a filesystem to
                                          initialize itself (V36)
FPutC(fh,ch)(d1/d2)                     - Write a character to the
                                          specified output (buffered) (V36)
FPuts(fh,str)(d1/d2)                    - Writes a string the the
                                          specified output (buffered) (V36)
                                        - Reads a number of blocks from an
                                          input (buffered) (V36)
FreeArgs(args)(d1)                      - Free allocated memory after
                                          ReadArgs() (V36)
FreeDeviceProc(dp)(d1)                  - Releases port returned by
                                          GetDeviceProc() (V36)
FreeDosEntry(dlist)(d1)                 - Frees an entry created by
                                          MakeDosEntry (V36)
FreeDosObject(type,ptr)(d1/d2)          - Frees an object allocated by
                                          AllocDosObject() (V36)
                                        - Writes a number of blocks to an
                                          output (buffered) (V36)
GetArgStr()()                           - Returns the arguments for the
                                          process (V36)
GetConsoleTask()()                      - Returns the default console for
                                          the process (V36)
GetCurrentDirName(buf,len)(d1/d2)       - Returns the current directory
                                          name (V36)
GetDeviceProc(name,dp)(d1/d2)           - Finds a handler to send a
                                          message to (V36)
GetFileSysTask()()                      - Returns the default filesystem
                                          for the process (V36)
GetProgramDir()()                       - Returns a lock on the directory
                                          the program was loaded
GetProgramName(buf,len)(d1/d2)          - Returns the current program name
GetPrompt(buf,len)(d1/d2)               - Returns the prompt for the
                                          current process (V36)
                                        - Returns the value of a local or
                                          global variable (V36)
Inhibit(name,onoff)(d1/d2)              - Inhibits access to a filesystem
                                        - Low-level load routine (V36)
                                        - Unloads a seglist loaded with
                                          InternalLoadSeg() (V36)
IsFileSystem(name)(d1)                  - Returns whether a Dos handler is
                                          a filesystem (V36)
LockDosList(flags)(d1)                  - Locks the specified Dos Lists
                                          for use (V36)
                                        - Locks a portion of a file (V36)
LockRecords(recArray,timeout)(d1/d2)    - Lock a series of records (V36)
MakeDosEntry(name,type)(d1/d2)          - Creates a DosList structure (V36)

MakeLink(name,dest,soft)(d1/d2/d3)      - Creates a filesystem link (V36)
MatchEnd(anchor)(d1)                    - Free storage allocated for
                                          MatchFirst()/MatchNext() (V36)
MatchFirst(pat,anchor)(d1/d2)           - Finds file that matches pattern
MatchNext(anchor)(d1)                   - Finds the next file or directory
                                          that matches pattern (V36)
MatchPattern(pat,str)(d1/d2)            - Checks for a pattern match with
                                          a string (V36)
MatchPatternNoCase(pat,str)(d1/d2)      - Checks for a pattern match with
                                          a string (V37)
MaxCli()()                              - Returns the highest CLI process
                                          number possibly in use (V36)
NameFromFH(fh,buffer,len)(d1/d2/d3)     - Get the name of an open
                                          filehandle (V36)
NameFromLock(lock,buffer,len)(d1/d2/d3) - Returns the name of a locked
                                          object (V36)
NewLoadSeg(file,tags)(d1/d2)            - Improved version of LoadSeg for
                                          stacksizes (V36)
NextDosEntry(dlist,flags)(d1/d2)        - Get the next Dos List entry (V36)

OpenFromLock(lock)(d1)                  - Opens a file you have a lock on
ParentOfFH(fh)(d1)                      - Returns a lock on the parent
                                          directory of a file (V36)
ParsePattern(pat,buf,buflen)(d1/d2/d3)  - Create a tokenized string for
                                          MatchPattern() (V36)
                                        - Create a tokenized string for
PathPart(path)(d1)                      - Returns a pointer to the end of
                                          the next-to-last (V36)
PrintFault(code,header)(d1/d2)          - Returns the text associated with
                                          a DOS error code (V36)
PutStr(str)(d1)                         - Writes a string the the default
                                          output (buffered) (V36)
ReadArgs(template,array,args)(d1/d2/d3) - Parse the command line input
                                        - Reads a single argument/name
                                          from command line (V36)
                                        - Reads the path for a soft
                                          filesystem link (V36)
Relabel(drive,newname)(d1/d2)           - Change the volume name of a
                                          volume (V36)
RemAssignList(name,lock)(d1/d2)         - Remove an entry from a multi-dir
                                          assign (V36)
RemDosEntry(dlist)(d1)                  - Removes a Dos List entry from
                                          it's list (V36)
RemSegment(seg)(d1)                     - Removes a resident segment from
                                          the resident list (V36)
ReplyPkt(dp,res1,res2)(d1/d2/d3)        - Replies a packet to the person
                                          who sent it to you (V36)
                                        - Runs a program using the current
                                          process (V36)
SameDevice(lock1,lock2)(d1/d2)          - Are two locks are on partitions
                                          of the device? (V37)
SameLock(lock1,lock2)(d1/d2)            - Returns whether two locks are on
                                          the same object (V36)
SelectInput(fh)(d1)                     - Select a filehandle as the
                                          default input channel (V36)
SelectOutput(fh)(d1)                    - Select a filehandle as the
                                          default input channel (V36)
SendPkt(dp,port,replyport)(d1/d2/d3)    - Sends a packet to a handler (V36)

SetArgStr(string)(d1)                   - Sets the arguments for the
                                          current process (V36)
SetConsoleTask(task)(d1)                - Sets the default console for the
                                          process (V36)
SetCurrentDirName(name)(d1)             - Sets the directory name for the
                                          process (V36)
SetFileDate(name,date)(d1/d2)           - Sets the modification date for a
                                          file or dir (V36)
SetFileSize(fh,pos,mode)(d1/d2/d3)      - Sets the size of a file (V36)
SetFileSysTask(task)(d1)                - Sets the default filesystem for
                                          the process (V36)
SetIoErr(result)(d1)                    - Sets the value returned by
                                          IoErr() (V36)
SetMode(fh,mode)(d1/d2)                 - Set the current behavior of a
                                          handler (V36)
SetProgramDir(lock)(d1)                 - Sets the directory returned by
                                          GetProgramDir (V36)
SetProgramName(name)(d1)                - Sets the name of the program
                                          being run (V36)
SetPrompt(name)(d1)                     - Sets the CLI/shell prompt for
                                          the current process (V36)
                                        - Sets a local or environment
                                          variable (V36)
SetVBuf(fh,buff,type,size)(d1/d2/d3/d4) - Set buffering modes and size
                                        - Splits out a component of a
                                          pathname into a buffer (V36)
StartNotify(notify)(d1)                 - Starts notification on a file or
                                          directory (V36)
StrToDate(datetime)(d1)                 - Converts a string to a DateStamp
StrToLong(string,value)(d1/d2)          - String to long value (decimal)
SystemTagList(command,tags)(d1/d2)      - Have a shell execute a command
                                          line (V36)
UnGetC(fh,character)(d1/d2)             - Makes a char available for
                                          reading again. (buffered) (V36)
UnLockDosList(flags)(d1)                - Unlocks the Dos List (V36)
UnLockRecord(fh,offset,length)(d1/d2/d3)- Unlock a record (V36)
UnLockRecords(recArray)(d1)             - Unlock a list of records (V36)
VFPrintf(fh,format,argarray)(d1/d2/d3)  - Format and print a string to a
                                          file (buffered) (V36)
VFWritef(fh,format,argarray)(d1/d2/d3)  - Write a BCPL formatted string to
                                          a file (buffered) (V36)
VPrintf(format,argarray)(d1/d2)         - Format and print string
                                          (buffered) (V36)
WaitPkt()()                             - Waits for a packet to arrive at
                                          your pr_MsgPort (V36)
WriteChars(buf,buflen)(d1/d2)           - Writes bytes to the the default
                                          output (buffered) (V36)

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