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AllocateTagItems(numItems)(d0)          - Allocate a TagItem array (or
                                          chain). (V36)
Amiga2Date(amigaTime,date)(d0/a0)       - Calculate the date from a
                                          timestamp.  (V36)
                                        - Invoke a Hook function callback.
CheckDate(date)(a0)                     - Checks ClockData struct for
                                          legal date. (V36)
CloneTagItems(tagList)(a0)              - Copies a TagItem list.  (V36)
Date2Amiga(date)(a0)                    - Calculate seconds from
                                          01-Jan-1978.  (V36)
                                        - Eliminate TagItems which specify
                                          no change. (V36)
                                        - Remove selected items from a
                                          TagItem list. (V36)
FindTagItem(tagVal,tagList)(d0/a0)      - Scans TagItem list for a Tag.
FreeTagItems(tagList)(a0)               - Frees allocated TagItem lists.
                                        - Obtain data corresponding to
                                          Tag. (V36)
                                        - Convert ti_Tag values in a list
                                          via map pairing. (V36)
NextTagItem(tagListPtr)(a0)             - Iterate TagItem lists. (V36)
                                        - Builds a "Flag" word from a
                                          TagList. (V36)
                                        - Rejuvenates a clone from the
                                          original. (V36)
SDivMod32(dividend,divisor)(d0/d1)      - Signed 32 by 32 bit division and
                                          modulus. (V36)
SMult32(factor1,factor2)(d0/d1)         - Signed 32 by 32 bit multiply
                                          with 32 bit result. (V36)
Stricmp(string1,string2)(a0/a1)         - Case-insensitive string compare.
                                        - Case-insensitive string compare,
                                          length-limited. (V37)
TagInArray(tagVal,tagArray)(d0/a0)      - Check if a Tag value appears in
                                          a Tag array. (V36)
ToLower(character)(d0)                  - Convert a character to
                                          lowercase. (V37)
ToUpper(character)(d0)                  - Convert a character to
                                          uppercase. (V37)
UDivMod32(dividend,divisor)(d0/d1)      - Unsigned 32 by 32 bit division
                                          and modulus. (V36)
UMult32(factor1,factor2)(d0/d1)         - Unsigned 32 by 32 bit multiply
                                          with 32 bit result. (V36)

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