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                                        - Also stack-based amiga.lib stub
                                          AddAppIcon().  Add an icon to workbench's list of appicons.        (V36)
                                        - Also stack-based amiga.lib stub
                                          AddAppMenuItem().  Add a menuitem to workbench's list of appmenuitems (V36)
                                        - Also stack-based amiga.lib stub
                                          AddAppWindow() add a window to workbench's list of appwindows.  (V36)
RemoveAppIcon(appIcon)(a0)              - Remove an icon from workbench's
                                          list            (V36)
RemoveAppMenuItem(appMenuItem)(a0)      - Remove a menuitem from
                                          workbench's list      (V36)
RemoveAppWindow(appWindow)(a0)          - Remove a window from workbench's
                                          list         (V36)

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