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Even Faster AmigaDOS I/O

In the September/October 1992 Amiga Mail issue, there is an article by
Martin Taillefer called, ``Fast AmigaDOS I/O''. Most of the article
consists of a code listing.  The code listing is a series of special
I/O routines (plus their Autodocs) that are similar in appearance to
the dos.library synchronous I/O functions Open(), Close(), Read(), and
Write(), but they use asynchronous I/O instead.  These functions shield
the programmer from the complicated, lower-level DOS work, allowing the
application programmer to easily take advantage of the performance of
asynchronous I/O.  They are as easy to use as the synchronous
dos.library I/O calls, but they yield much higher performance.

Of course, Martin Taillefer, the guy who wrote the asynchronous I/O
routines, had to improve upon his work. Besides working out one or two
minor bugs, he has further improved the performance of the code and has
also added a new feature.  There is a new routine called SeekAsync(),
which allows an application to seek into a file while using Martin's
asynchronous DOS I/O calls.

In making these improvements, Martin has made significant changes to
the file that contains the asynchronous I/O functions, AsyncIO.c and
can be found at the end of this article.  The Autodocs for the original
asynchronous I/O functions have not changed, so they have not been
reprinted here.  This article contains only the Autodoc for
SeekAsync().  See the original article, ``Fast AmigaDOS I/O'' for the
remaining files.


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