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by Ewout Walraven

The release 2.0 intuition.library has a multitude of new display
possibilities at its disposal that developers can use to improve their
software.  Many products can benefit from the flexibility that higher
display resolutions and larger display areas offer and from the
polished user interface available with the "New Look" in release
2.0.  Because backward compatibility with 1.3 is important to many
developers, these new features should be used in a way that will work
with older systems.

This article shows how to take advantage of the display resources
available to Intuition under any Amiga system.  This article assumes
the reader has some knowledge of release 2.0 (V36) screens and
windows.  For more information, see the article
"An Introduction to V36 Screens and Windows" from the
September/October 1990 issue of Amiga Mail.

 Opening Full Size Screens 
 PAL or NTSC? 
 Opening Full Sized Windows 

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