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  IV-1  Obtaining an Icon Image 
  IV-3  An Introduction to V36 Screens and Windows 
 IV-17  Opening Screens and Windows on Any Amiga 
 IV-23  Introduction to Boopsi 
 IV-41  Writing a Boopsi Image Class 
 IV-57  Boopsi's Transparent Base Classes 
 IV-59  AppWindows, AppIcons, and AppMenuItems 
 IV-69  Making Your Windows More Shiny and Manageable 
 IV-77  Optimized Window Refreshing 
 IV-91  Color Wheel and Gradient Slider Boopsi Classes 
IV-101  Introduction to the Datatypes library 
IV-111  Boopsi in Release 3 
IV-125  Features of V39 GadTools 
IV-137  Menu Verify 

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