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By Ewout Walraven

The Intuition window paradigm has features that make it easy for the user
to manage windows.  The user can select, move, resize, close, or depth
arrange their windows on any screen so they can quickly get to the window
they need. With 2.0 and a little work, the tools are there to give the
user even greater powers to manage and organize their working environment.

This article addresses some release 2.0 system features which can further
integrate your application's window into the 2.0 environment.  These
features include public screens, the zoom gadget, AppIcons, and
AppMenuItems, which are not discussed in detail here.  For more
information on public screens and the zoom gadget, see the
intuition.library Autodocs and the article
"An Introduction to V36 Screens and Windows" from the September/October
issue of Amiga Mail.  For more information on AppIcons and AppMenuItems,
see the workbench.library Autodocs and the article
"AppWindows, AppIcons, and AppMenuItems", which is in this issue of
Amiga Mail.

 Public Screens      Zooming      Iconifying 

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