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Command              Operation
-------              ---------
CD_ASKDEFAULTKEYMAP  Get the current default keymap.

CD_ASKKEYMAP         Get the current key map structure for this console.

CD_SETDEFAULTKEYMAP  Set the current default keymap.

CD_SETKEYMAP         Set the current key map structure for this console.

CMD_CLEAR            Remove any reports waiting to satisfy read requests
                     from the console input buffer.

CMD_READ             Read the next input, generally from the keyboard.
                     The form of this input is as an ANSI byte stream.

CMD_WRITE            Write a text record to the display interpreting
                     any ANSI control characters in the record.

Console Device Function
CDInputHandler()     Handle an input event for the console device.

RawKeyConvert()      Decode raw input classes and convert input events of
                     type IECLASS_RAWKEY to ANSI bytes based on the keymap
                     in use.

Exec Functions as Used in This Chapter
AbortIO()            Abort an I/O request to the console device.

CheckIO()            Return the status of an I/O request.

CloseDevice()        Relinquish use of the console device.  All requests
                     must be complete before closing.

DoIO()               Initiate a command and wait for completion
                     (synchronous request).

GetMsg()             Get the next message from the reply port.

OpenDevice()         Obtain use of the console device.  You specify the
                     type of unit and its characteristics in the call to

OpenLibrary()        Gain access to a library.

OpenWindow()         Open an intuition window.

SendIO()             Initiate a command and return immediately
                     (asynchronous request).

Wait()               Wait for one or more signals.

WaitIO()             Wait for completion of an I/O request and remove it
                     from the reply port.

WaitPort()           Wait for the reply port to be non-empty. Does not
                     remove the message from port.

Exec Support Functions as Used in This Chapter
CreateExtIO()        Create an extended I/O request structure for use in
                     communicating with the console device.

CreatePort()         Create a message port for reply messages from the
                     console device.  Exec will signal a task when a
                     message arrives at the port.

DeleteExtIO()        Delete the extended I/O request structure created by

DeletePort()         Delete the message port created by CreatePort().

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