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The Amiga trackdisk device directly drives the disk, controls the disk
motors, reads raw data from the tracks, and writes raw data to the tracks.
Normally, you use the AmigaDOS functions to write or read data from the
disk. The trackdisk device is the lowest-level software access to the disk
data and is used by AmigaDOS to access the disks.  The trackdisk device
supports the usual commands such as CMD_WRITE and CMD_READ.  In addition,
it supports an extended form of these commands to allow additional control
over the trackdisk device.

                    NEW FEATURES FOR VERSION 2.0

                    Feature            Description
                --------------       --------------
                TD_GETGEOMETRY       Device Command
                TD_EJECT             Device Command
                IOTF_INDEXSYNC       Device Command Flag
                IOTF_WORDSYNC        Device Command Flag
                Fast RAM Buffers     Now Supported

   Compatibility Warning:
   The new features for 2.0 are not backwards compatible.

 Trackdisk Device Commands and Functions 
 Device Interface 
 Advanced Commands 
 Disk Status Commands 
 Commands for Diagnostics and Repair 
 Notification of Disk Changes 
 Commands for Low-Level Access 
 Trackdisk Device Errors 
 Example Trackdisk Program 
 Additional Information on the Trackdisk Device 

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