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    HotKey -- create a commodity triad. (V36)

    filterObj = Hotkey(description,port,id);

    CxObj *HotKey(STRPTR,struct MsgPort *,LONG);

    This function creates a triad of commodity objects to accomplish a
    high-level function.

    The three objects are a filter, which is created to match by the call
    CxFilter(description), a sender created by the call CxSender(port,id),
    and a translator which is created by CxTranslate(NULL), so that it
    swallows any commodity input event messages that are passed down by
    the filter.

    This is the simple way to get a message sent to your program when the
    user performs a particular input action.

    It is strongly recommended that the ToolTypes environment be used to
    allow the user to specify the input descriptions for your application's

    description - the description string to use for the filter in the same
                  format as accepted by commodities.library/SetFilter()
    port - port for the sender to send messages to.
    id - id of the messages sent by the sender

    filterObj - a pointer to a filter object, or NULL if it could
                not be created.

    CxFilter(), CxSender(), CxTranslate(),
    commodities.library/CxObjError(), commodities.library/SetFilter()

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