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        AddAmigaGuideHostA - Add a dynamic node host.           (V34)

        handle = AddAmigaGuideHostA (hook, name, attrs);
        d0                            a0    d0    a1

        AMIGAGUIDEHOST AddAmigaGuideHostA (struct Hook *, STRPTR,
                                          struct TagItem *);

        This function adds a callback hook to the dynamic node list.

        A dynamic node allows an application to incorporate context-
        sensitive or live project data within their help system.

        hook - The callback hook.
        name - Name of the AmigaGuideHost database that you are adding.
            The name must be unique.
        attrs - Additional attributes.  None are defined at this time.

        Returns NULL if unable to add the dynamic node host, otherwise
        returns a pointer to a handle that will eventually be passed
        to RemoveAmigaGuideHost() to remove the dynamic node host from
        the list.

        When AmigaGuide attempts to resolve a LINK command, it performs
        the following sequence of events.

           Splits the name into a path, a database and a node (only
             the node is required).
           Opens the database.
           Performs the following searches until the node is found:
             Search the local database.
             Search the local cross reference list.
             Search the local dynamic node host.
             Search the global help file (system help).
             Search the global cross reference list.
             Search the global dynamic node hosts.



        /* Hook dispatcher */
        ULONG __asm hookEntry(
                register __a0 struct Hook *h,
                register __a2 VOID *obj,
                register __a1 VOID *msg)
            /* Pass the parameters on the stack */
            return ((h->h_SubEntry)(h, obj, msg));

        ULONG __saveds
        dispatchAmigaGuideHost (struct Hook *h, STRPTR db, Msg msg)
            struct opNodeIO *onm = (struct opNodeIO *) msg;
            ULONG retval = 0;

            switch (msg->MethodID)
                /* Does this node belong to you? */
                case HM_FINDNODE:
                        struct opFindHost *ofh = (struct opFindHost *) msg;

                        kprintf("Find [%s] in %sn", ofh->ofh_Node, db);

                        /* Return TRUE to indicate that it's your node,
                         * otherwise return FALSE. */
                         retval = TRUE;

                /* Open a node. */
                case HM_OPENNODE:
                    kprintf("Open [%s] in %sn", onm->onm_Node, db);

                    /* Provide the contents of the node */
                    onm->onm_DocBuffer = TEMP_NODE;
                    onm->onm_BuffLen   = strlen(TEMP_NODE);

                    /* Indicate that we were able to open the node */
                    retval = TRUE;

                /* Close a node, that has no users. */
                case HM_CLOSENODE:
                    kprintf("Close [%s] in %sn", onm->onm_Node, db);

                    /* Indicate that we were able to close the node */
                    retval = TRUE;

                /* Free any extra memory */
                case HM_EXPUNGE:
                    kprintf("Expunge [%s]n", db);

                    kprintf("Unknown method %ldn", msg->MethodID);

            return (retval);

        main(int argc, char **argv)
            struct Hook hook;
            AMIGAGUIDEHOST hh;

            /* Open the library */
            if (AmigaGuideBase = OpenLibrary("amigaguide.library", 33))
                /* Initialize the hook */
                hook.h_Entry    = hookEntry;
                hook.h_SubEntry = dispatchAmigaGuideHost;

                /* Add the AmigaGuideHost to the system */
                if (hh = AddAmigaGuideHost(&hook, "ExampleHost", NULL))
                    /* Wait until we're told to quit */

                    /* Try removing the host */
                    while (RemoveAmigaGuideHost(hh, NULL) > 0)
                        /* Wait a while */

                /* close the library */

        When a dynamic node host is first added it will receive a
        HM_FINDNODE message with an onm_Node of "Main".  The
        AGA_HelpGroup attribute will always be zero for this
        particular message.

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