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	CreateNewProc -- Create a new process (V36)

	process = CreateNewProc(tags)
	D0                       D1

	struct Process *CreateNewProc(struct TagItem *)

	process = CreateNewProcTagList(tags)
	D0                       	D1

	struct Process *CreateNewProcTagList(struct TagItem *)

	process = CreateNewProcTags(Tag1, ...)

	struct Process *CreateNewProcTags(ULONG, ...)

	This creates a new process according to the tags passed in.  See
	dos/dostags.h for the tags.

	You must specify one of NP_Seglist or NP_Entry.  NP_Seglist takes a
	seglist (as returned by LoadSeg()).  NP_Entry takes a function
	pointer for the routine to call.

	There are many options, as you can see by examining dos/dostags.h.
	The defaults are for a non-CLI process, with copies of your
	CurrentDir, HomeDir (used for PROGDIR:), priority, consoletask,
	windowptr, and variables.  The input and output filehandles default
	to opens of NIL:, stack to 4000, and others as shown in dostags.h.
	This is a fairly reasonable default setting for creating threads,
	though you may wish to modify it (for example, to give a descriptive
	name to the process.)

	CreateNewProc() is callable from a task, though any actions that
	require doing Dos I/O (DupLock() of currentdir, for example) will not

	NOTE: if you call CreateNewProc() with both NP_Arguments, you must
	not specify an NP_Input of NULL.  When NP_Arguments is specified, it
	needs to modify the input filehandle to make ReadArgs() work properly.

	tags - a pointer to a TagItem array.

	process - The created process, or NULL.  Note that if it returns
		  NULL, you must free any items that were passed in via
		  tags, such as if you passed in a new current directory
		  with NP_CurrentDir.

	In V36, NP_Arguments was broken in a number of ways, and probably
	should be avoided (instead you should start a small piece of your
	own code, which calls RunCommand() to run the actual code you wish
	to run).  In V37, NP_Arguments works, though see the note above.

	LoadSeg(), CreateProc(), ReadArgs(), RunCommand(), <dos/dostags.h>

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