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	ObtainSemaphoreList -- get a list of semaphores.


	void ObtainSemaphoreList(struct List *);

	Signal semaphores may be linked together into a list. This function
	takes a list of these semaphores and attempts to lock all of them at
	once. This call is preferable to applying ObtainSemaphore() to each
	element in the list because it attempts to lock all the elements
	simultaneously, and won't deadlock if someone is attempting to lock
	in some other order.

	This function assumes that only one task at a time will attempt to
	lock the entire list of semaphores.  In other words, there needs to
	be a higher level lock (perhaps another signal semaphore...) that is
	used before someone attempts to lock the semaphore list via

	Note that deadlocks may result if this call is used AND someone
	attempts to use ObtainSemaphore() to lock more than one semaphore on
	the list.  If you wish to lock more than semaphore (but not all of
	them) then you should obtain the higher level lock (see above)

       list -- a list of signal semaphores

	ObtainSemaphoreShared(), InitSemaphore(), ReleaseSemaphore(),
	AttemptSemaphore(), ObtainSemaphoreShared(), Procure(), Vacate()

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