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	MakeVPort -- generate display copper list for a viewport.

	error =  MakeVPort( view, viewport )
	 d0                   a0     a1

	ULONG MakeVPort( struct View *, struct ViewPort * );

	Uses information in the View, ViewPort, ViewPort->RasInfo to
	construct and intermediate copper list for this ViewPort.

	view - pointer to a View structure
	viewport - pointer to a ViewPort structure
		 The viewport must have valid pointer to a RasInfo.

	constructs intermediate copper list and puts pointers in
	If the ColorMap ptr in ViewPort is NULL then it uses colors
	from the default color table.
	If DUALPF in Modes then there must be a second RasInfo pointed
	to by the first RasInfo

	From V39, MakeVPort can return a ULONG error value (previous versions
	returned void), to indicate that either not enough memory could be
	allocated for MakeVPort's use, or that the ViewPort mode
	and bitplane alignments are incorrect for the bitplane's depth.

	You should check for these error values - they are defined in

	In V37 and earlier, narrow Viewports (whose righthand edge is
	less than 3/4 of the way across the display) do not work properly.

	InitVPort() MrgCop() graphics/view.h intuition.library/MakeScreen()
	intuition.library/RemakeDisplay() intuition.library/RethinkDisplay()

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