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	MakeScreen -- Do an Intuition-integrated MakeVPort() of a screen.

	failure = MakeScreen( Screen )
	D0 (V39)              A0

	LONG MakeScreen( struct Screen * );
	/* Returns LONG in V39 and greater */

	This procedure allows you to do a MakeVPort() for the viewport of your
	custom screen in an Intuition-integrated way.  This way you can
	do your own screen manipulations without worrying about interference
	with Intuition's usage of the same viewport.

	The operation of this function is as follows:
	    - Block until the Intuition View structure is not in being changed.
	    - Set the view modes correctly to reflect if there is a (visible)
	      interlaced screen.
	    - call MakeVPort(), passing the Intuition View and your screen's
	    - Unlocks the Intuition View.

	After calling this routine, you should call RethinkDisplay() to
	incorporate the new viewport of your custom screen into the
	Intuition display.

	NOTE: Intuition may determine that because of a change in global
	interlace needs that all viewports need to be remade, so
	it may effectively call RemakeDisplay().

	Screen = address of the custom screen structure

	Starting with V39, returns zero for success, non-zero for failure.
	Probable cause of failure is failure of graphics.library/MakeVPort().
	Prior to V39, the return code is invalid.  Do not interpret it when
	running on pre-V39 systems!


	RethinkDisplay(), RemakeDisplay(), graphics.library/MakeVPort()

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