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	OpenFont -- Get a pointer to a system font.

	font = OpenFont(textAttr)
	D0              A0

	struct TextFont *OpenFont(struct TextAttr *);

	This function searches the system font space for the graphics
	text font that best matches the attributes specified.  The
	pointer to the font returned can be used in subsequent
	SetFont and CloseFont calls.  It is important to match this
	call with a corresponding CloseFont call for effective
	management of ram fonts.

	textAttr - a TextAttr or TTextAttr structure that describes the
	           text font attributes desired.

	font is zero if the desired font cannot be found.  If the named
	font is found, but the size and style specified are not
	available, a font with the nearest attributes is returned.

	Prior to V39 this function would return a TextFont pointer
	for any font which matched exactly in Y size, regardless of
	differences in DPI, or DotSize.

	As part of fixing this bug it is REQUIRED that you use pass the
	same TextAttr (or TTextAttr) to this function that was used when
	OpenDiskFont() was called.

	OpenFont(), and OpenDiskFont() use WeighTAMatch() to measure
	how well two fonts match.  WeightTAMatch() was a public function
	in graphics.library V36-V37; it is now a system PRIVATE function
	as of V39.

	CloseFont()  SetFont()
	diskfont.library/OpenDiskFont  graphics/text.h

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