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	SetFont -- Set the text font and attributes in a RastPort.

	SetFont(rp, font)
	        A1   A0

	void SetFont(struct RastPort *, struct TextFont *);

	This function sets the font in the RastPort to that described
	by font, and updates the text attributes to reflect that
	change.  This function clears the effect of any previous
	soft styles.

	rp   - the RastPort in which the text attributes are to be changed
	font - pointer to a TextFont structure returned from OpenFont()
	       or OpenDiskFont()


	This function had previously been documented that it would
	accept a null font.  This practice is discouraged.
	o   Use of a RastPort with a null font with text routines has
	    always been incorrect and risked the guru.
	o   Keeping an obsolete font pointer in the RastPort is no more
	    dangerous than keeping a zero one there.
	o   SetFont(rp, 0) causes spurious low memory accesses under
	    some system software releases.

	As of V36, the following Amiga font variants are no longer
	directly supported:
	    fonts with NULL tf_CharSpace and non-NULL tf_CharKern.
	    fonts with non-NULL tf_CharSpace and NULL tf_CharKern.
	    fonts with NULL tf_CharSpace and NULL tf_CharKern with
		a tf_CharLoc size component greater than tf_XSize.
	Attempts to SetFont these one of these font variants will
	cause the system to modify your font to make it acceptable.

	Calling SetFont() on in-code TextFonts (ie fonts not
	OpenFont()ed) will result in a loss of 24 bytes from
	the system as of V36.
	This can be resolved by calling StripFont().

	OpenFont()  StripFont()
	diskfont.library/OpenDiskFont()  graphics/text.h

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